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Tutorial: Gradient Map | [Img Heavy]

I figured it was time for another tutorial.  So here you have it.  I decided to share a little How-To on Gradient Maps.  I am sure some of the Photoshop savvy people here, may already know... but if you didn't know, definitely keep reading.

 Gradient Maps are a great way to enhance and transform your photos.  And, it is fairly easy to do.
Now, onto the tutorial!

To Start...

Please ignore the video image in the picture.  I forgot to edit it out.  >_<


Also, play around with the Blending Mode.  You can get several different effects with one Gradient.

Select Your Gradient Map Colors.

Now, I'll share the before and after images.

Before Editing.  Roses Brandon got me a few months ago.

After Editing with Gradient Map. 

There you go...
Follow those simple steps, and you are on your way.  It's a fairly simple and easy way to edit and manage your photographs.  Have fun, and enjoy!

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