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Tutorial : Installing Fonts

For those of you that still don't know how to Install all of those fancy fonts you have downloaded, and use them in programs such as Photoshop.  Here is a small tutorial.  I use Windows 7, and this is how I install.
Look below for instructions on Mac OS.

Note:  Before installing fonts, you should close any open applications. Some applications, new fonts do not appear in the font menu if you install them while the application is open.

Windows Vista & Windows 7:

Kristi Font used in this tutorial can be found here.
Voila!  You now should have your font(s) installed.  
Open your desired program to check them out.

Installation on Mac:  (No Pictures)

Double click the Download button and save the font zip file on your hardrive. You can unzip the folder using the Stuffit Expander. (If you use Safari as your web browser it will automatically extract a zip file and save it to Downloads folder.)

Double click on the font file you just extracted. This will open the font so you can preview it and if you like the font click Install Font.  It will automatically install the font and you will able to see it in your Font Book.
If the above instructions do not work just drag and drop extracted font file into your Font Book which is located under Applications.

I know a couple of people who still didn't know how to do this, so I thought a nice tutorial would be good.


  1. Oh, I love fonts!!! I'm always searching for and installing new ones! <3

  2. So am I. They can be rather addicting to collect. I am trying to figure out how to make my own Font Type, but that may take some time, lol.

  3. THANK YOU! I have felt like a complete idiot trying to download and install fonts. I literally gave up and just used default after spening hours screaming at my computer. Now I know how to try again!! Thanks again!!!


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