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Birthday Beach

Sunday, my rambunctious child turned five.  We had been planing on taking him to the zoo for his birthday...except on Friday, he had plainly told us he didn't want to go to the zoo, he wanted to go to the beach.

So Sunday afternoon we loaded up and headed towards the salty waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  It was real windy, and since he wanted to play in the water... we were looking for some beach areas a little secluded or away from the gulf.  We were going to go to Pirates Cove (A small little place off of the International Water Way) but it was overly crowded, and we decided against it.  Instead we headed for a small secluded (and private) beach, that was near the old docks that my parents used to dock their boat.  It was windy but the water was shallow and calm.  A good sized sandbar was also right there; Vincent could go out a decent ways and the water was so shallow that it only went up to his waist.

It was warm and sunny, and Vincent played and splashed around the whole time and never once stopped.  I got out in the water and was surprised how warm it was... I would have swam but I won't swim by myself unless in a pool.   
We all enjoyed the day.  There is nothing like sticking your toes in the
white sand, enjoying the warm sun, and smelling the salty April.   My brother had bought Vincent some beach toys (Shovel, Rake, and Hoe) and ended up playing with them more than Vincent did. (You can see his picture with a plastic rake below)
Cody even began digging a trench, and with the pile of sand he had, I made Vincent a birthday cake.  I would have built a sandcastle...but I am terrible at them.  Vincent liked his 'cake' though, and stuck five little twigs in it for 'candles'. 
After the beach we came home; he was so worn out from his long beach day that he had come in and went straight to the bedroom and crawled up in the bed.  I never thought I would hear a five year old turn down pizza and birthday cake, but he did!  We had to coax him into it, he play with some of  his new toys... but eventually told us, "My birthday is over.  I want it to be."  Then, about 20 minutes later, he was passed out asleep.  Overall, it was successful and fun filled, and he was full of excitement and smiles on his special day.

I did take lots of pictures, but selected a handful and made a couple of collages with them.  Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. Aw it looked like he had soo much fun on his birthday! I am glad that he had a blast!! Very nice work on the cake darling! lol I can't wait to come down and see everyone and go to the beach! Miss yall and I do hope to see yall very soon *hugs and kisses to Vince*


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