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Cute Charm Preview

My first batch of adorable charms that I began creating.
I finally snapped some pictures of the charms I had made, and have been making.  I finally showed a couple of them off today.  The feedback I have received thus far has been positive (Yay!).  These were the first few that I created.  I loved making them and the whole process.  However, I hope to improve my technique a bit further so it doesn't take me so long to create them.
I do plan on making several more and looking into getting a booth at a nearby Flea Market to test the waters on selling them.  Hopefully, in doing that I can get a general idea on what would be popular, and how they will sell.  Just taking a few baby steps towards my goal.  I am feeling positive that I can very well end up on top.  Woot-woot for positive feelings!

Hope every one had a splendid weekend. 

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